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Prices are quoted in Barbados dollars for services provided at the Sanctuary. 
Please contact us on 1 246 230 9094 if you wish to book a house/villa visit.  Prices are quoted in US and start at US $200.00  

Rate of exchange US $ 1 : BDS $ 2

Eastern Bodywork >
This ancient art of massage is used for balance and rejuvenation. Based on the principles of Thai massage and Zen Shiatsu, the techniques are used to open and release blockages in the energy meridians in the body that correlate with the physical organs to promote health. It is performed on a cushioned floor mat, with the client in loose, comfortable clothing, and consists of finger or palm pressure application and gentle stretching techniques. Excellent choice for first time clients uncomfortable with disrobing or those in need of increased flexibility.  Also used to access deeper tissues incorporating use of therapist's elbows, knees and feet.
1.5 hour    $ 250
Swedish Massage >
This is the most popular type of massage and involves long, fluid strokes using oil/cream. It is performed with the client disrobed to their comfort and covered with a sheet. It's a luxurious way to pamper yourself and is used for general relaxation and skin/circulation improvement. I use standard draping procedures set by the American Massage Therapy Association, so there is never any exposure of genitals, breast tissue or gluteal cleavage. Only the area being worked on at the time is ever exposed. Warm basalt stones can also be incorporated into this session for further muscle relaxation.
45 min    $ 120    I    1 hour    $ 150       1.5 hour    $ 200
Manual Lymphatic Drainage >
This modality encourages lymphatic circulation throughout the body, which is beneficial for detoxing and reducing swelling (edema).  Skin brushing is used to lightly exfoliate and  stimulate the skin and its underlying structures, which is then followed by feathery strokes to drain the lymphatic vessels.  Your choice of talc or oil may be used.   This modality can be incorporated into the Swedish Massage.  Lymphatic drainage is extremely beneficial for Cancer survivors.
1 hour    $ 150
Sports Massage >
Includes pre- and post-event massage designed with the athlete in mind. Pre-event massage prepares the body for its upcoming task using compression techniques to increase blood and nutrients to tissues. Also includes light stretching and warming techniques. Post-event massage aims to flush lactic acid build-up from muscle tissue in order to reduce fatigue and pain. Maintenance Sports Massage focuses on toning muscle tissue for optimum performance, and can include hot towel compresses on tight muscles or cold towel compresses/ice massage for injured areas (depends on degree and state of injury). This massage style incorporates injury rehabilitation techniques (muscle energy techniques, trigger point therapy, structural integration, myofascial release), stretching, and deep work as needed. Warm basalt stones can also be incorporated into this session for further muscle relaxation. This modality is not limited to the athlete as similar techniques are used for repetitive strain injuries and rehabilitation from other injuries.
1 hour    $ 150    I    1.5 hour    $ 200
Pregnancy Massage >
A great way to allow the body to be comfortable with this beautiful transition of life. It is geared to make the expectant mother as comfortable as possible with alternative body positioning and techniques. It eases the stress on the body and is very effective for relieving back and leg pains in a more natural way. It can be experienced during any stage of pregnancy unless there are complications. Post-partum massage is also an excellent way to soothe the body after giving birth and tone the muscles that were stretched. Always check with your doctor to make sure this is right for you!
1 hour    $ 150        
Specialised Services
Therapeutic Facial >
Full therapeutic facial treatment includes facial cleanse, skin polish, and deep cleansing masque.  A moisturising face massage completes the treatment, which includes stimulating pressure points and lymphatic drainage.  All products used are hypoallergenic.  Extractions are not performed.  Please consult with a dermatologist if you have serious skin concerns.
45 min    $ 120
Crystal & Energy Healing >
Breathing and visualization techniques are used to focus on an aspect of life that is causing distress. It is very meditative and includes chakra reading using a pendulum, gemstone placements to facilitate chakra balancing and/or laying on of hands. The client may be fully clothed or draped if other modalities are to be used. This is a wonderful experience as it allows you to quiet your mind and feel your body in a relaxed state. Excellent results with clients who have mental health complaints, poor sleeping habits, and emotional distress. Improves self-esteem and inner peace.
1 hour    $ 150

Oracle Card Readings >
Guidance readings using 'Healing with the Fairies' Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  This session offers guidance for any issues you may be experiencing in your life.

30 - 60 min    $ 100


Journey >
Receive an intuitive oracle reading on your life path, followed by a customised massage session.  Culminate the experience with a full body chakra-pendulum reading and guided meditation.
2 hour    $ 350
Glow >
Revive your body and mind with this complete therapeutic session.  Includes a customised full-body massage and rejuvenating facial.
1 hour 45 min    $ 250 

Sparkle >
Gemstone healing tops a restorative facial to add sparkle back in your life.

1.5 hour    $ 250

All treatments can be customised to suit your specific needs.
Gift Certificates available!
Goddess Yoga >
Set your intentions for the week and honour your inner Goddess.  Classes include stretching, balance, strength training, and low-impact aerobic activity through yoga asanas (postures).  All fitness levels are welcome, however please inform your instructor if you have any physical impediments or medical concerns.  Please contact Body Therapeutics for class schedule and rates.  Studio and private classes available.
1 hour class (minimum 4 persons)    $ 25
1 hour private lesson    $ 100

Visit for details 


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