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About Body Therapeutics


I facilitate inner healing through meditative, neuro-muscular relief that leads to increased body                                            awareness and spiritual balance. I believe that health is a result of living harmoniously with oneself and                                           the environment, thus I meet the need for persons to become more connected with themselves and                                            reach a state of equipoise.


Body Therapeutics is not just a business. It is a dedication to provide the highest standard of bodywork                                          and quality products. Through massage/bodywork and meditation I have received much more than the medical/health benefits. I have gained discipline, compassion, respect and above all love, for myself and for others. I would like to offer these benefits to you through massage and related products that help accomplish inner peace and healing.


Body Therapeutics opened in January 2000, after I returned to Barbados from an 18 month study/work program in the San Francisco Bay Area. I received my certified massage training at The National Holistic Institute (Emeryville, California, USA) and after graduation continued on with their volunteer Teaching Assistant program for 6 months. I became Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB) in November 1999. This is one of the highest credentials for massage practitioners in the USA and ensures that I have had a high level of education and follow the code of ethics set by the NCBTMB. The Bay Area is a wealth of resources for the healing arts, so most of my training included yoga, meditation, breathwork, body-mind movement and self-awareness. I continue to bring all of these disciplines into my work.


Body Therapeutics is owned and operated by myself, which allows me to work with my clients on a more personal basis. It also allows me to be more flexible with my hours and can therefore accommodate my clients when it best suits them.


In 2014, I expanded the structure of my business to create 'Ajna Holistic Sanctuary', a community environment that offers patrons the opportunity to expand their consciousness through massage/bodywork, yoga/pilates, and other lifestyle skills.  The Sanctuary also facilitates workshops, retreats, and a holistic marketplace.  Please visit our website for further details.




Affiliated Organizations


I am also the co-director of Peacehaven Holistic Therapy School Inc., a registered institution in Barbados that offers one year International Diploma courses in Complementary Therapies.  Please visit our website for further details.



The Association of Holistic Bodywork Practitioners in Barbados aims to uphold a high standard of the profession and the practitioners that it serves.  I have held the position of President from inception (2004) to date.  Please visit our website for further details.








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